Speed up the Process. 
Get the Rate you Deserve.

Hey There Car Shopper!
I know what you are thinking.  You hate the car buying process!

It takes so long.  Will you get approved?  Will you find the car you like? Will the dealer treat you fair?
All very logically questions really!!
Today, we have great news!   TurboPass is a new opportunity for you as the buyer  to take control of the car buying process.

We provide you as the buyer a unique code that a dealer can use to confirm you have the ability to pay for your shiny new car.  (Not the car they want you to buy!)
  •  Take control : Share your TurboPass Code at any participating dealer.
  • Avoid Paperwork : TurboPass reduces paperwork and time in the "office" by up to 70%.
  • Fair Treatment: Get treated fairly when you VALIDATE and CERTIFY your Ability to Pay UP FRONT!
Best of all, It's Free!!!
* We Will Not Spam, Rent, Or Sell Your Information - We Do Not Pull Credit*
TurboPass Corporation